The Caravan of the Little Theatre

Good Against the North Wind

Men in slippers


Premiéra: 29. 5. 2019

An interactive visual and sound installation on the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Little Theatre

What happens if you combine the genius loci of a caravan leftover from the famous puppeteer Matěj Kopecký, puppets from the Little Theatre’s old productions, and the new sound technology that is able to simulate the 3D space?
Prepare to be transported into a world completely of its own, in which you can literally get a first-hand experience of theatrical memories! The authentic experience, intended for only one spectator, is made possible thanks to binaural sound. The specificity of its recording comes from the technique of simulating space perception, similar to the 3D effect, i.e. the collection of sound imitating the human ear. For that reason, you will surrender to an experience in which the borders between illusion and reality are obliterated!
The interactive visual and sound installation in the caravan is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the Little Theatre in České Budějovice.

Daniel Glattauer, Ulrike Zemme

An adaptation of a romance in e-mails
Premiéra: 18. 10. 2019

Emmi wanted to cancel her subscription to the magazine ‘Like’ on the internet. However, as a result of a misprint her e-mail is instead sent to Leo Leike. This is the beginning of an unusual correspondence that makes a non-binding, and for this reason also very intimate, relationship possible. The virtual relationship becomes more and more intense, raising the inevitable question: to meet or not to meet? Will the feelings that came into being in the virtual world hold up in reality? This Austrian novel from 2006 became a bestseller, and its theatrical version was no less successful than the book.

Miro Gavran

Premiéra: 25. 10. 2019

Anna, a teacher, lives in a small flat with her second husband. They are not rich but they are happy together. Then, unexpectedly, Anna’s first husband is released from prison because he had been unfairly convicted. With nowhere to go, he naturally returns to his home. However, husband No. 2 has already settled into his slippers! And so begins an absurd cohabitation with no prospect of a change in sight. The men can either kill each other or – become friends. And later one more woman appears …

Giuseppe Verdi

Dramatic opera with a biblical theme
Premiéra: 31. 1. 2020

The king who had proclaimed himself a god was humiliated by a slave woman. We often value freedom and humanity only when we are losing it.

The long list of Verdi operas produced under the baton of the general opera director of the South Bohemian Theatre, Mario De Rose (Rigoletto, Aida, Il Trovatore, La Traviata) still lacks the title of Nabucco, Verdi’s third opera, which marked a fundamental turn in the composer’s artistic and private life. Temistocle Solera’s libretto is a free adaptation of the Old Testament story about the liberation of the Jews from their Babylonian captivity, to which they were brought in the 6th century BC by King Nebuchadnezzar II (shortened to Nabucco in Italian). The opera brings up timeless topics that appear relevant even today. However, what made Nabucco especially indelible is the chorus of the enslaved Jews “Va, pensiero sull´ ali dorate” (Go, thought, on golden wings) from the 3rd act of the opera. His melody soon made its way all around the world and its simple beauty- underlined by the dramatic situation and chorus singing- has been met with enthusiasm by listeners until today. The name of the versatile directress Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauchová promises, after her highly successful La Traviata, an original and powerful production, full of distinct, emotionally impressive images, in the spirit of the Italian saying “Che fata nuova” (How new it is!), which accompanied the first staging of Nabucco in La Scala, Milan on 9 March 1847.

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Association of Unit Owners

The Invisible Man

The Secret

Radio Free Cunning Little Vixen

Jiří Havelka

Satiric comedy
Premiéra: 21. 2. 2020

The roof needs a complete renovation because the tiles keep falling off and endangering pedestrians. The air shafts are rotting, the house has no lift and it is urgently necessary to install new gas lines. At the same time, there is only a hundred and fifty thousand crowns in the repair fund. Obviously, the proposal to sell the loft premises looks like a great solution. But unfortunately, the Association members considerably diverge in their views. Set at a house meeting, this award-winning play reveals much more about our society than we might want it to.

Janek Lesák & Natálie Preslová

Premiéra: 29. 2. 2020

Invisibility does exist. They are all around us. You can’t notice them in the street. You don’t even glance at them when they’re sitting right opposite you. You introduce yourself to them but they claim to have known you for ages. You will forget their faces the instant they turn their eyes from you. And this story will be precisely about them.

The story is inspired by Mr N. O. Body’s real diary notes from 1906, which were found in his inheritance.

Bedřich Smetana

Comic opera
Premiéra: 6. 3. 2020

A lyrical comedy about big and small secrets and searching for genuine treasures. The production has been transferred from the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ostrava.

Composed by Bedřich Smetana when he was gravely ill (with a libretto by Eliška Krásnohorská), this was Smetana’s penultimate completed opera and is often regarded as his best stage work. Its power lies in its invincible temper, emotionality and extraordinary musicality. Smetana proved his ability to identify with every character and situation with an extraordinary understanding, and, by way of his music, to render the greatest internal sadness and pleasure, conflicts and passions. In this respect, he found a kindred spirit in Eliška Krásnohorská: “In the comicality, I always look for the deeper humour that is rooted in the enigmas of the emotion and in the human heart …“
The Secret is an opera about a rancorous man who is not able to face up to his grievance that results from his humiliation and bitterness due to unfulfilled love. And twenty years later, the way to reconciliation is overgrown will all kinds of thorns. There are old wrongs, accusations and spitefulness. It is only this descent into the darkness of the underground that forces Kalina to see the light and come to understand what his real and most valuable treasure is.
The production premiered at the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre in Ostrava on 27 April and was successfully staged at Smetana’s Litomyšl festival on 24 June 2017.

Štěpán Benyovzský and Petr Zuska

Premiéra: 20. 3. 2020

A non-traditional rendering of the well-known lyrical and humorous story about an untamable, cunning vixen, based on the movement theatre and the voice of Karel Höger, who narrated the original story by Rudolf Těsnohlídek.
Let us be transported back to the recording studio of the 1960s, in which, thanks to the authentic narration, unexpected scenes of the vixen’s comical and serious adventures take place.
During the radio broadcasting and movement narration, the cunning little vixen slowly rises above the everyday necessities of her own survival, compares the world of men with that of animals, and looks for the real understanding of the life circle, in which everyone “becomes silly with love” once in his or her life.

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Hitman Anders

Girls & Boys

Winton’s Train


Jonas Jonasson

Premiéra: 3. 4. 2020

It is hitman Anders’ first day out of prison and he needs a job. A young female vicar, who is jobless due to her atheistic views, capitalises on this situation, and together with a homeless receptionist they launch a wonderful business. Their business with murders prospers, but then hitman Anders decides to mend his ways. The vicar and the receptionist are at odds with the underworld because of unpaid debts, so they are now already concocting a new business plan …

Dennis Kelly

Premiéra: 24. 4. 2020

A man and a woman get to know each other by chance while queuing at the airport and passionately fall in love... The feeling of love is followed by marriage, a child, a house, troubles at work … And gradually the feelings start to change. The once sunny idyll becomes a terrifying nightmare, posing the question: What is the price for meeting the “man of your life”?

Mario De Rose

A new opera about humaneness and heroism
Premiéra: 6. 5. 2020

Motto: “Ignis aurum probat miseria fortes viros.”
(Fire tests gold and adversity tests the brave.)

An opera about the people who found the courage to step out of line and help when many others caused harm or were scared. It is inspired by the life of Sir Nicholas Winton, who, in 1939, rescued 699 Czechoslovak Jewish children and became one of those bearers of light in the days of darkness.

The production is prepared in coproduction with the Landestheater Niederbayern in Passau, directed by the artistic director Stefan Tilch. The 90-minute-long work, whose libretto and music were composed by Mario De Rose, with dramaturgical contributions by Pavel Drábek and Simona Petrů, consists of three parts. The first part, Conditio humana (The Human Nature), deals with the vulnerability, weaknesses and inclination to cause harm to others. The second part, Horror noctis (The Horrors of the Night), is about the seemingly infinite darkness. And the last, Lux (The Light), deals with the sparks of hope, the moments in which we decide to change the course of things, and finally, about the return to tolerance, kindness, respect, personal liberty and human rights. In dramatic situations, historical moments mingle with fragments of classical European literature, sung in the original languages.

Winton’s train is a homage to those heroes – some well-known and some forgotten – who placed themselves in danger, and thus contributed to making the world a little friendlier place to live.

Janek Lesák & Natálie Preslová

Premiéra: 2. 11. 2020

Things we should definitely not do when bored: Play with fire. Jump from a cliff into water. Go down a hill on a sledge head first. Get a ride on the handlebars. Drink seasoning sauce. Make a hole in the wall and keep it secret from the teacher. Lick a frog. Make your own homemade fireworks. Stick all kinds of things into the microwave and see what will happen. Put together your own flying machine and test it. Search the rubbish bins. Glue all your fingers together with instant glue. Leave a bottle of water in the freezer until it explodes. Smash a window with a stone. Carve something (dirty) into the desk with your compass. Glue a label on your friend’s back.

Now, don’t do anything of this sort. We aren’t going to do that in this performance either. Definitely not. For sure. No kidding. Not a bit.

…All right then, maybe a little.

A completely boring show that takes place at school desks for a lot of years.

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